White Skin Black Heart chords

Midnight Oil


Simplify chords 

 D        C        Bb       A        G        F        Em       A         
 (Riff 1) 
 D        C        Bb       A        G        F        Em       A         
  :D               C              Bb           A              G             
    1.What are you gonna do now                  Now that you started 
 F           Em            A           D                C                   
                                          What are you gonna do now 
 Bb           A               G           F           Em         A          
                Now that it's done 
 D               C                 Bb               A                       
                    Your words got out there           They're floating a- 
 G                      F                 Em              A                 
 round and coming right back down 
 D               C                         Bb                 A             
                 Are you going to leave us lying here 
 F#m                                   F                                    
    Dealing with the consequences 
 F#m                                 F                          NC          
               Of a bad sound                                   (Riff 2) 
                                G         F          Em         A           
                                    White skin black heart 
 NC                                        G          F          Em         
 (Riff 2)                                       White skin black heart 
 ____________  ___________ 
 1.            2. 
 A          :  A          D                                                 
                                          (vocal rant) 
 F#m                  F                      F#m                  F         
            :D        C         Bb         A          G         F           
           (Riff 1)                                       White skin black 
 Em        A       :   :D        C         Bb         A         D           
                              x 4 
 C          Bb         A        :  F#m                  F                   
 F#m                  F                   F#m                     F         
     White skin black heart                      White skin black heart 
           F#m                 F                    :F#m                    
            You didn't have to start                      White skin black 
                  x 3 
 F                 :  F#m                   F                       
2.What are you gonna do now 
  Now that it's spoken 
  These words have a habit of not fading away 
  Our memory's clear 
  Conscience gets opened like a wound 
  If you can't concieve of better lines and better times 
  Then let silence bury you 
  In the end 
  You will be condemned 
Rant: You see the Boston strangler on the freedom road you think the 
  suffragettes got sunk a long long time ago you spewed it out your 
  spite was insecure it was like bile from the height on the toilet 
  floor you were a nazi drunk you had the rednecks roaring for blood 
  and then they wanted more your life was so small you couldn't get 
  enough you made a start 
Most chords are actually played as power chords (ie no 3rd played), but 
 I've put them as major and minor chords as best I can. 
Riff 1: 
  D       C       Bb      A       G       F       Em      A 
Riff 2: