Bag It Up chords



Simplify chords 

Intro: D5 G5 D5 G5 

verse 1: 

D5                    G5 
  Gold And Silver and sunshine is rising up 
D5                           G5 
Pour Yourself another cup of Lady Grey 
D5                  G5 
Take My Hand in the meantime,when you've had enough, 
       F                       E7     Ebmaj7 
You'll find me on the end of a runway,babe. 

verse 2: 

D5                      G5 
Tell the world that you love them in a melody, 
D5                           G5 
Send my old piano and a tele-gram 
D5               G5 
  Gotta get me a doctor with a remedy 
    F                          E7     Ebmaj7 D5 D5 
I'm Gonna take a walk with the monkey man! 

Pre-Chorus 1: 

Bb6     Dsus/A      D5     G5/F 
Someone tell me I'm dream - ing, 
     Bb6              Dsus/A         D5 
The freaks are rising up through the floor. 
Bb6    Dsus/A     D5  G5/F  G5 
  Everything I believe in is 
Telling me that I want more,more,more 

A5         C5          D5 
  Lay your love in the fire when you come on in,  
A5               C5                    D5 
I got my hee-bee-jee-bees in a hidden bag. 
A5        C5          D5 
  Tell me what you desire and I'll bat it up. 
Bb5 A5 Ab5 G5 Gb5 F5 E5 E5