Born On A Different Cloud chords



Verse 1: Am Am/F Am Born on a different cloud G From the ones that i pass 'round town F F/D F It's no surprise to me G That you're classless, clever and free Verse 2: Am Am/F Am Loaded just like a gun G You're the hero that's still unsung F F/D F Livin' on borrowed time E You're my sun and you're gonna shine Bridge 1: Dm Talkin' to myself again A This time I think I'm getting through. Dm It's funny how you think, A E It's funny how, it's funny how when you do. Repeat Verse 1 Guitar Solo Bridge 2: G Lonely soul, Am Busy working over time. G Nothing ever gets done, Am Especially when your hands are tied. G Lonely soul, Am Breaking up your mother's pride. G Nothing ever gets done, E Not until your war's won. Fade Out: Born on a Different Cloud Born on a Different Cloud _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Nicholas Amorim Santos(email-removed)