D'Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman chords



Intro: G A7 C G Verse 1 ------- G A7 C G I haven't seen your face 'round since I was a kid G A7 C G you're bringing back the memories of the things that we did G A7 C G you're hanging 'round and climbing trees pretending to fly G A7 C G d'yer wanna be a spaceman and live in the sky Verse 2 ------- G A7 C G You got how many bills to pay and how many kids G A7 C G and you for-got about the things that we did G A7 C G the town where we're living has made you a man G A7 C G and all of your dreams are washed away in the sand Chorus ------ Em Well it's alright it's alright G A and who are you or me to say what's wrong or what's right? Cadd9 G Do you still feel like me? Cadd9 G We'll sit down here and we shall see Cadd9 G We can talk about common ground Am and we can just forget about feeling down F D/F# G A7 C G we can just forget about life in this town Verse 3 ------- G A7 C G It's funny how your dreams change as you're growing old G A7 C G you don't wanna be no spaceman, you just want the gold G A7 C G all the dream stealers are lying in wait G A7 C G but if you wanna be a spaceman, it's still not too late