Guess God Thinks I'm Abel chords



Capo: 4st fret

Guess God Thinks I'm A-B-E-L written by L Gallagher from the Oasis album ' Dont Believe The Truth ' What a great song...and pretty simple too. This is my version worked out in a couple of minutes. Hope you like. Contact at email-removed tabbed by Deano Chords
EADGBE A7 002020 A7* 002030 A7** 002032 Em 022000 G 320003 D 000232
Slow tempo (simple strumming) Verse 1********************** A7 A7* I could be your lover A7** A7 You could be all mine A7 A* We'd go on forever A7** A7 Till the end of time Verse 2********************** A7 A7* You could be my best friend A7** A7 Stay up all night long A7 A7* You could be my railroad A7** A7 We'd go on and on Chorus Em G Let's get along A7 There's nothing here to do Em G A7 Let's go find a rainbow Em G I could be wrong A7 But what am I to do Em G A7 Guess god think's Im Abel Guitar Solo Verse 3 (as previous) You could be my enemy I guess theres still time I get round to loving you Is that such a crime Chorus (As before) Followed by (3 times) G No one can break us D No one can take us A7 If they tried Finish then Unexpected End section A7 G Come on all (or 'home' or 'Noel' not sure) D A7 Let's make it tonight