Who Feels Love? (acoustic) chords



Simplify chords 

G1 (3x3033) 
G2 (3x2033) 
G3 (3x1033) 
G5 (3x0033) 


  G                            G 
i found what i lost inside, my spirit has been purified 
G                              G 
take a thorn from my pride and hand in hand we'll take a walk outside 

Bb9                                A7sus4                 Cadd9     G/B 
thank you for the sun the one that shines on everyone who feels love 
    Bb9                                A7sus4         
now there's a million years between my fantasy's and fears 
  G         (G  Cadd9  G1  Cadd9  G5  G)  
i feel love 


    G                           G 
i'm leaving all that i see, now all my emotions fill the air i breathe 

Bb9                             A7sus4                     Cadd9   G/B 
now you understand that this is not the promised land they spoke of 
        Bb9                           A7sus4 
there's nothing more to be if you can be the remedy 
    G          (G  Cadd9  G1  Cadd9  G5)  * 
who feels love 


*  G  G1  G2  G5  G  G1  G2  G5  G  G1  G2  G5  G  G1  G3 
   G  G1  G2  G5  G  G1  G2  G5  G  G1  G2  G5  G  G1