Breathe Reprise chords

Pink Floyd


Intro: Em A E|---0---|---0---0---|---0---0---|----------------------| B|---0---|---0---0---|---2---2---|------2-----3-----2---| G|---0---|---0---0---|---2---2---|---2-----2-----2------| D|---2---|---2-------|---2-------|----------------------| A|---2---|---2-------|---0-------|----------------------| E|---0---|---0-------|---0-------|----------------------| Em A Home, home again Em A I like to be here when I can Em A When I come in cold and tired Em A It?s good to warm my bones beside the fire C Far away across the field Bm The tolling of the iron bell Am Calls the faithful to their knees G F Eb Em To hear the softly spoken magic spells C Bm Am G F Eb Em E|---0---|---2---|---0---|---3---|---1---|---6---|---7---| B|---1---|---3---|---1---|---3---|---1---|---8---|---8---| G|---0---|---4---|---2---|---0---|---2---|---8---|---9---| D|---2---|---4---|---2---|---0---|---3---|---8---|---9---| A|---3---|---2---|---0---|---2---|---3---|---6---|---7---| E|---0---|---2---|---0---|---3---|---1---|---6---|---7---| ( Far away across the field...spoken magic spells) * Esta Música é tocada após a ?TIME?. _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Flávio Medeiros Henriques(email-removed)