Cirrus Minor chords

Pink Floyd


Em Eb G/D C#m7 C7 In a churchyard by a river, lazing in the haze of midday, Cm7 B7 Em Laughing in the grasses and the graze. Em Eb G/D C#m7 C7 Yellow bird, you are not alone in singing and in flying on, Cm7 B7 Em In laughing and in leaving. Em Eb G/D C#m7 C7 Willow weeping in the water, waving to the river daughters, Cm7 B7 Em Swaying in the ripples and the reeds. Em Eb G/D C#m7 C7 On a trip to__ Cirrus Minor, saw a crater in the sun Cm7 B7 Em A thousand miles of moonlight later. Em Bm D A G D B