Crumbling Land chords

Pink Floyd


Pink Floyd – Crumbling Land INTRO (basic picking rhythm of the verses, do improvise)
A G e|-5----5--5----5--3----3--3----3--| B|----5-------5-------3-------3----| G|---6---6---6---6---4---4---4---4-| D|---------7---------------5-------| A|-----7-------7-------5-------5---| E|-5---------------3---------------|
verse 1 A G A G In a while I'll find the time to make the sunshine mine A G A G? In a smile I saw a single eagle in the sky A G A G? Wheeling, soaring, gliding by A\ 2x G/ verse 2 A G A G? On a hill there lived a man with many shining things A G A G? Shiny pool, shiny car and shiny diamond rings A G A G? Wining, dining, shining king BRIDGE D F ?And the eagle flies in clear blue skies C Am Am9 Am? Breathing in the clear blue air Dm Bb ?Back here on the ground another dealer coughs and dies G? And fifty more come rolling off A ?The Ford production line A \ 3x G / verse 3 A G A G ?Then a man appearing like a mirage on the sand A G A G ?In his hand a moving picture of the crumbling land A G A G ?Screaming, dealing, groovy man verse 4 A G A G? Here we go, hold your nose and see if something blows A G A G? Close your eyes, count to ten and see the sunrise rise A G A A? Climbing, crying through the sky BRIDGE D F? By the ornamental lake a diamond lies C Am Am9 Am? Upon the finger of the king? Dm Bb On high, the eagle spies the glitter of a gun G A? Then wheeling in a climbing turn he flies into the sun OUTRO (bridge chords) D F C Am Am9 Am Dm Bb G A