Eclipse chords

Pink Floyd


Intro: D D/C E|------------2--------|------------2--------| B|---------3-----3-----|---------3-----3-----| G|------2-----------2--|------2-----------2--| D|---0-----------------|---------------------| A|---------------------|---3-----------------| E|---------------------|---------------------| Bb7+ A7 E|------------1--------|------------0--------| B|---------3-----3-----|---------2-----2-----| G|------2-----------2--|------0-----------0--| D|---------------------|---------------------| A|---1-----------------|---0-----------------| E|---------------------|---------------------| D All that you touch D/C All that you see Bb7+ All that you taste A7 All you feel D All that you love D/C All that you hate Bb7+ All you distrust A7 All that you save D All that you give D/C All that you deal Bb7+ All that you buy A7 Beg, borrow or steal D All you create D/C All you destroy Bb7+ All that you do A7 All that you say D All that you eat D/C Everyone you meet Bb7+ All that you slight A7 Everyone you fight D All that is now D/C All that is gone Bb7+ All that?s to come A7 D And everything under the sun is in tune D/C Bb7+ D But the sun is eclipsed by the moon D D/C Bb7+ D E|------------2--------|------------2--------|------------1--------|--2--| B|---------3-----3-----|---------3-----3-----|---------3-----3-----|--3--| G|------2-----------2--|------2-----------2--|------2-----------2--|--2--| D|---0-----------------|---------------------|---------------------|--0--| A|---------------------|---3-----------------|---1-----------------|-----| E|---------------------|---------------------|---------------------|-----| (... sun is in tune ... eclipsed by the moon) _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Flávio Medeiros Henriques(email-removed)