Flaming chords

Pink Floyd


Simplify chords 

  			Flaming (syd barrett) 
(cd: the pipers at the gates of dawn) 
intro: E  /  E  /   E    /   E 
  /   E      /    D     /    D   /  D 
Alone in the clouds all blue 
/  Bm   / Bm    / A  / A  /  A A4 A  / 
Lying   on an   eiderdown. 
  /   E     /   E     /  A 
Yippee! You can't see me 
    /  D  /  F   /  E  /  E  /  E  /  E 
But I     can    you. 
Lazing in the foggy dew 
Sitting on an unicorn 
No fair, you can't hear me 
But I can you. 
Watching buttercups, cup the light 
Sleeping on a dandelion 
Too much, I won't touch you 
But then I might. 
Screaming trough the starlit sky 
Travelling by telephone 
Hey ho, here we go 
Ever so high. 
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