Already Gone chords



transcribed by Daniel Riley email-removed and by Jonathan Hart email-removed E A C B F# A B E C# B E-|--0---0---0---2-------|-------------|---------|- B-|--0---2---1---4---2---|--5---7------|---------|- G-|--1---2---0---4---3---|--6---8---9--|--6---2--|- D-|--2---2---2---4---4---|--7---9---9--|--6---2--|- A-|--2---0---3---2---4---|--7---9---7--|--4---4--|- E-|--0-------0-------2---|--5---7------|---------|- (verse & solo part2) (chorus) (solo part1) notes: * the chords in brackets mean you don't actually play them; it's either just the key it's in or what the bass is playing * second time around pick out the individual notes on the bracketed chords - you'll hear it * listen to the song for how to strum * the verse riff and chorus riff have only been written once, just follow the first ones, its all the same (E) A you've been working all your life E A all weekends and overtime E A while you're trying to unwind C (B) (A) (F#) you can't relate to the leisured life another day meanders by keeping nature's tabled time all these things just pass you by and you can't relax in a scheduled life A B E promises already gone A B E there's no escape it's said and done A B E B so keep your love forever young you've been trying to decide multiply or just divide all these things are on your mind and you can't relax in a leisured life promises already gone there's no escape it's said and done so keep your love forever young (guitar solo) guitar #1 part1: C# B part2: E A guitar #2 part1: E--------------------------------10----------10-10-10-10^---- B--2---4---5---7---9---10----9-----9------------------------- part2: solo - dont know... Back to chorus.... finish on the E corrections appreciated, nobody's perfect. :)