Already Gone chords



Simplify chords 

  			transcribed by Daniel Riley [email protected] 
and            by Jonathan Hart [email protected] 
     E   A   C   B   F#     A   B   E     C#  B 
    (verse & solo part2)    (chorus)   (solo part1) 
* the chords in brackets mean you don't actually play them; 
  it's either just the key it's in or what the bass is playing 
* second time around pick out the individual notes on the 
  bracketed chords - you'll hear it 
* listen to the song for how to strum  
* the verse riff and chorus riff have only been written once, 
  just follow the first ones, its all the same 
(E)                             A 
you've been working all your life 
E		 	     A 
     all weekends and overtime 
E				 A	 
     while you're trying to unwind 
        C        (B)             (A)   (F#) 
     you can't relate to the leisured life 
     another day meanders by 
     keeping nature's tabled time 
     all these things just pass you by 
     and you can't relax in a scheduled life 
A	    B      E 
     promises already gone 
A	        B	     E	 
     there's no escape it's said and done 
A		  B	           E	B 
     so keep your love forever young 
     you've been trying to decide 
     multiply or just divide 
     all these things are on your mind 
     and you can't relax in a leisured life 
     promises already gone 
     there's no escape it's said and done 
     so keep your love forever young 
(guitar solo) 
guitar #1  
part1: C#                 B 
part2: E                  A 
guitar #2 
part2: solo - dont know... 
Back to chorus.... 
finish on the E 
corrections appreciated, nobody's perfect. :)