Odyssey # 1 chords



This is the biggest rush job ever.....it's so difficult to hear what's being played. Anyway, considering that this is the first tab ever for this song, I would appreciate comments. INTRO ____________ E----------------------| B----------------------| G----------------------| x a few times D----------------------| A----5^-4----5^4-------| E-4--------------7-4-2-| VERSE __________ while the above chords are playing, this is what's behind E-----------------------| B-----------------------| G-----------------------| D-----------------------| A-----------------------| E-4-----7--6-------9----| CHORUS _________ If you thought the tabbed bits above where shite-as, then play this not sure if these are correct i don't know what to call the second chord BRIDGE ___________ play intro, then verse chords, but behind all this noise is: E--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G--------------------------------- D--------------------------------- A----------4-2---2-4-2------------ E-4444444------4--------4-2------- you'll hear it E E C#m E x a few F# E E C#m E x a few G#m