Polley chords



OK, this one is kinda confusing, now that I read it over...but I think that if you try to play along with the song, you can probably pick up where these bits fit in, and correct any mistakes. Intro __________ E-----2--------------------------- D------------5-----5-----5-------- G---4------4------4-----4--------- A-4----4/6-----4------------------ D---------------0----0------------ E---------------------0----------- The chords for the intro are B and E. When E is played, this is what's behind: B E E-----5-5-4-5-5-4-5----- D----------------------- G----------------------- then: A----------------------- D----------------------- E----------------------- B E E-----5-5-4-5-5-5^-5--- D---------------------- G---------------------- A---------------------- D---------------------- E---------------------- these two riffs are repeated, and then the verse begins. Verse _______ B E x 4 Chorus ________ The intro riff is repeated here, but the chords are: F# G#m E B and for the last line in the chorus, the chords are: F# G#m E E (779997) Verse again Chorus Bridge _________ E D#m D C E-777--6--5--3--3333333------- D-999--7--7--5--5555555------- G-999--8--7--5--5555555------- A-999--8--7--5--5555555------- x 4 D-777--6--5--3--3333333------- E-777--6--5--3--3333333------- G B E-3--3333333--33--3333--2--222222--222222-- D-3--3333333--33--3333--4--444444--444444-- G-4--4444444--44--4444--4--444444--444444-- A-5--5555555--55--5555--4--444444--444444-- D-5--5555555--55--5555--2--222222--222222-- E-3--3333333--33--3333--2--222222--222222-- Verse Chorus then bridge repeated till end.