The Trick The Devil Did chords

Sick Puppies


I figured out most of the song. Im putting this up just as a foundation for someone else to tab out the song properly as i cant be bothered figuring out the details. Tuning: Drop C Intro/verse Riff: D|----------------------------------------------| A|-----1~----------3~---------------------------| F|---2----2-0--------------------4--4--4--4-----| C|---------------3-----3-------5--5--5--5-------| G|--0-0----0------------------------------------| Repeat as much as needed C|--------------3-3---3-3-----5-5--5--5---------| OR D|------------------------------------| A|-----1~------3~---------------------| F|---2-----------------4--4--4--4-----| C|-----------3-------5--5--5--5-------| G|--0-0-------------------------------| Repeat as much as needed C|----------3-3-----5-5--5--5---------| (I think Shim plays it this way in the recording and the bass is doing the rhythm) Chorus: