Monsters chords

Something For Kate

TABBED BY: el sancco (email-removed) I tabbed this file by hear from a solo acoustic dempsey did. I didn't write out the strumming pattern, but if you have half a brain, you should be able to figure it out. :) INTRO ----- E|--------| B|--------| G|--------| D|--6--4--| A|--4--2--| E|--4--0--| VERSE ----- E|---------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------| D|-6--10--8--8--8------6--8--10--10--10--| A|-4--8---6--6--6------4--6--8---8---8---| E|-4--8---6--7--8------4--6--8---9---10--| CHORUS ------ E|--0--0--0-----| B|--5--3--0-----| G|--6--4--2-----| D|--7--5--3-----| A|--7--5--3-----| E|--X--X--1-----| BREAK ----- E|-1-0--0--0---| B|-3-3--1--1---| G|-2-2--2--0---| D|-0-0--3--2---| A|------0--3---| E|-------------| Comments, criticism, money tributes, death threats; send to email-removed