And i love her(guitar full version) chords

The Beatles


Esta canción va dedicada a la niña que amo a Carolina la neta pss espero que me perdones algun dia,con la colaboración inestimable del maestro Pumba e------ B------ G------ D--2-1- X 3 A-2---4 E------ Verse Chords F#m C#m A B (in a circle) I give her all my love thats all i do and if you know my love you love her too and i love her she gives me everything and tenderly the kiss my lover brings she brings to me and i love her Am G A love like ours will never die as long as I have tou near me The bright the stars that shine dark is the sky i know this love of mine will never die and i love her Background e--------9--|----9---|-----9--|----11--|----9-- B----10---10|--9---9-|--10--10|--10--10|--9---9 G-11--------|9-------|9-------|11------|9------ D-----------|--------|--------|--------|------- A-----------|--------|--------|--------|------- E-----------|--------|--------|--------|------- Solo complete voice e------------|------------|-------------|------------|--------|-----------| B-------5-3-6|---------5-3|--------5-3-6|-6----------|--------|-----------| G-0-2-3------|-0-2-3------|-0-2-3-------|---7--------|--------|-----------| D------------|------------|-------------|-----8--7--5|-----5-7|-----------| A------------|------------|-------------|------------|-3-3----|-3---------| E------------|------------|-------------|------------|--------|----5-3-1-3| (here is the verse that says: " a love like ours will never die as long as i have u near me" e--------|---------|---------|----------| B--------|-5-------|-5-------|----------| G-------5|---5---5-|---5---5-|---5------| D-7-7-7--|-----7---|-----7---|-7---7--5-| A--------|---------|---------|----------| E--------|---------|---------|----------|