Some Other Guy Tabs chords

The Beatles


Some other guy this song is off the BBC album. intro: sounds better if you play this. A C E:--5-----8----/ E:------------/ B:--5-----8----/ B:------------/ G:--6-----9----/ G:------------/ D:--7-----10---/ D:------------/ A:--7-----10---/ A:--7-----10--/ E:--5 -----8----/ E:--5------8-- / LEAD: play this you might have to listen to the song a couple of times to get it in your head. E:--7-7--5H7--:} B:--7-7--5H7--:} G:--7-7--5H7--:} D:--7-7-------:} A:------------:} E:------------:} ^ play this until you hear it change E:--12-12--10H12--:} B:--12-12--10H12--:} G:--12-12--10H12--:} D:--12-12---------:} A:----------------:} E:----------------:} go back to playing what you were playing before when you hear it go back, then when you hear the 2ND chord change E:--5-5--3h5-----:} B:--5-5--3h5-----:} G:--5-5--3h5-----:} D:--5-5----------:} A:---------------:} E:---------------:} there might be more I'll post it later. 'm not sure if this is right.