All I Have chords

The Veronicas


Capo: 3st fret

(ª casa) (intro 2x) Em Am C (verse 1) Em Am I was missing you C You were miles away Em Am He was close to me C I let him stay Em Am Then I closed my eyes C He almost felt the same Em Am But when the morning broke C I cried out your name Em Am If I'd only known C It would break us Em Am I'd have done anything C just to save us
Am C Em Cause you're all I have G When the world comes down on me Am C Em You're the one I love G And I'm begging you to see Am You're all, you're all C you're all I have Em You are, you are G the one I love Am You are, you are C you're all I have
(intro) (verse 2) Em Am You've forgiven me C But it doesn't change Em The guilt I feel when Am C you mention his name Em Am No more innocence C How to trust again Em Wanna believe that Am C you won't do the same Em Am And every time we fight C We're getting closer Em Am I slowly die inside C I'm scared it's over (Chorus) (bridge) C D Em Your love for me was always there G Maybe too much for me to care C D G/B Now that I know I messed it up Em Am C (4x) I'd give my all to take it back (Chorus)