Goodbye To You chords

The Veronicas


(intro 3x) A D F#m E
(guitar 2) A D F#m E E|----5--------|-5-----5------|----9------|-7-----7----7--5-| B|-------------|--------------|-----------|-----------------| G|-6-------6-7-|---7-7----7---|-6-----4-4-|---4-4---4-------| D|-------7-----|--------------|-----------|-----------------| x3 A|-------------|--------------|-----------|-----------------| D|-------------|--------------|-----------|-----------------|
(verse 1) A D Those times I waited F#m E for you seem so long ago A D I wanted you far too F#m E much to ever let you go D You know you never E got by I feel it too D E And I guess I never could stand to lose D E It's such a pity to say
A D Goodbye to you F#m E Goodbye to you A D Goodbye to you F#m E Goodbye to you
(verse 2) A D How could I have loved someone F#m E like the one I see in you A D I remember the good times F#m baby now and E the bad times too D These last few E weeks of holding on D E The days are dull the nights are long D E Guess it's better to say (Refrão) (bridge) F#m D Cause baby it's over now F#m D No need to talk about it F#m D It's not the same F#m D My love for you's just not the same F#m C#m And my heart D and my heart E And my heart can't F#m stand the strain C#m D And my love and my love E(hold) And my love... (interlude) F#m C#m D E F#m C#m D And my love... (Refrão) (verse 2) (Refrão) (interlude 2x) A D F#m E (outro) A (hold) Goodbye to you