Worlds Apart chords

The Veronicas


Capto 1st Verse 1: Em I'm gonna hold you C G/B for the last time Em I'm gonna cry but I C D should not to let it show Em This is the hardest C G/B way to say goodbye Em Cause as you walk away C D I'm feeling so alone Em C G/B I don't understand Em You had to leave and C D I'm not part of your plan Em We both agreed C G/B but now I regret Em There are so many B things I should have said Refrain: C G D But now I've let you go Em C I'm holding back the tears G D I'm here alone C Forgetting all the years And now there's nothing G I can do to bring B(hold) you back to me oh Chorus 1: Em So we live our C G different lives It's D Em so hard and there's no C G more you and I D but we're worlds apart (Repeat Intro) Verse 2: Em Sometimes it's hard to C G/B get to sleep at night Em Sometimes I think about C D the way it could've been Em I see you everytime C G/B I close my eyes Em I try to shut you out C D Instead I let you in Em C G/B I can't pretend Em I wanted it to end B For you and me (Repeat Refrain) Chorus 2: Em So we live our C G different lives It's D Em so hard and there's no C G D more you and I Em C And I'm missing you G Tonight but we're D C world's apart Bridge: Am What I'd give for one more day C Just to say the things I need to say Em D If only Time was not erased (Repeat Intro) Em C G/B As you walked away Em C I knew I couldn't D Em explain to you C G/B And I can't pretend B(hold) I wanted this to end For you and me (Repeat Refrain and Chorus 2) Outro: D (Repeat intro until fade) world's apart