Rainfall chords

The Vines


Tabbed by: Dayron (email-removed)
Intro Riff (2x): C G e-----------0------------------------3-------- B-------------1------------------------3------ G----0----------0-------------0----------0---- D------2----------2-------------0----------0-- A--3-----3------------------------2----------- E--------------------------3------------------ D (2x) e------------2---------------- B-----3---------3---3--------- G-------2---------2----------- D--0------0------------------- A----------------------------- E-----------------------------
Verse: C G D We were hiding from the rain and the thunder. C G D I've been staring at the day as I wonder.... (Play Intro Riff....) C G D So here we are again we're outnumbered C G D This feeling is a weight that I'm under (Play intro riff during next verse) C G D Thought I heard her call my name in the summer C G D Is it ever change in my slumber (Brief pause in playing...) G I can hear myself walking through this world. D C Can't believe they've started talking so retarded D C I don't know, I don't know... Let me go
Little Solo Ditty: e------------------------------------------------ B-10~-12~-13~-15~-17~-15~-13~-12~(2x)--15----14-- G-----------------------------------------15---14 D------------------------------------------------ A------------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------------ e------------------------------------------------ B------------------------------------------------ G---------------------------------7-5-7--9-7-9s11 D------------------------------------------------ A--5-5h7-5------------------5-5----------------- E-----------8--7--5---3-3h5---------------------- e----------------------------------------- B----------------------------------------- G--11-11--9-9--7-7--5-5------------------- D----------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------- E-----------------------------------------
Outro: Lead intro plays... C G D Oooooh Ooooooh Ahhhhh C G D Oooooh Ooooooh Ahhhhh (We were hiding from the rain and the thunder) C G D Ooooh Ooooooh Ahhhhh C G D Ooooh Ooooooh Ahhhhh (I've been staring at the days as I wonder)