Dorothy The Dinosaur chords

The Wiggles


I got this tab from watching them perform it at the shopping center! The wiggles have the best mosh pit ever. You haven?t lived till you?ve been in one... but a word of warning, the kids don?t catch you if you try to stage dive... I learnt the hard way. INTRO PROGESSION
C F G C e|--0--|--1--|--3--|--0--|-- B|--1--|--1--|--3--|--1--|-- G|--0--|--2--|--4--|--0--|-- D|--2--|--3--|--5--|--2--|-- A|--3--|--3--|--5--|--3--|-- E|--0--|--1--|--3--|--0--|--
C I was looking out the window late the other nite F She was sitting in the garden and gave me such a fright G Eating all mum?s roses there in the moonlight C It was Dorothy the Dinosaur C I knew that if mum saw her she?d never let her stay F A dinosaur as big as that needs feeding night and day G I?d have to find a place where I could her her away C Dorothy the Dinosaur The chords are just the same for the rest of the song. I?m not going to write up any more lyrics because (A) I?m not sure of them and (B) I think I?ve disgraced myself enough already.

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