Friends chords

The Wiggles


Chords and lyrics figured out by Troy Matthews (email-removed) NOTE: Work out chord rhythm by listening to the song and playing around with the chords (it's not hard)?Enjoy. VERSE ONE C F C F C Barton, is friends with Alex, whose friends with Jessie, G7 C G7 And they all like apples. VERSE TWO C F C F C Adrian, is friends with Sasha, whose friends with Rebecca, G7 C G7 And they all like the swings. VERSE THREE C F C F C Benjamin, is friends with Michelle, whose friends with Sarah, G7 C G7 And they all like fire engines. VERSE FOUR C F C F C David, is friends with Joseph, whose friends with Daniel, G7 C G7 And they all like Timothy CHORUS F G7 C C Were all friends here at this Kindy. F G7 C C Although at times you wouldn?t think so. F G7 C Am But a smile, or a hug, or a gentle, I?m sorry. D G7 Makes you feel okay. G7 Okay?Okay?Okay VERSE FIVE C F C F C Rachael, is friends with Fergus, whose friends with Caroline, G C G7 C And they all like dress up.