Rock-A-Bye Your Bear chords

The Wiggles


This song is in 6/8 time Intro (best played as an A-Barre Chord)
A E|------------|-5==--------|------------|-5==--------| B|-------5---5|-----5---5--|-------5---5|-----5---5--| G|-6---6---6--|-------6----|-6---6---6--|-------6----| D|---7--------|------------|---7--------|------------| A|------------|------------|------------|------------| E|------------|------------|------------|------------| E|------------|-5==--------|-5----------|------------| B|-------5---5|-----5---5--|---5--------|------------| G|-6---6---6--|-------6----|-----6------|------------| D|---7--------|------------|-------7----|------------| A|------------|------------|---------7-4|-0==========| E|------------|------------|------------|------------|
Lyrics & Chords: A (4 bars) Ev'rybody clap (clap) (clap) (clap) A (4 bars) Ev'rybody Sing (La La La La La) D (4 bars) Bow to your partner A (4 bars) Then you turn around E (2 bars) Hands in the air D (2 bars) Rock-a-bye your bear A (4 bars) Bear's now asleep Sh! Sh! Sh! A (4 bars) Bear's now asleep Sh! Sh! Sh! Repeat verse again