Mutilated lips chords



Simplify chords 

  			verse one} 
B*                               D 
  I lick my brian in silence 
  Rather squeeze my head instead 
  Midget man provoking violence 
  Listen not to what I said 
D                            B* (arpeggio) 
  I said please calm it down 
  Everything is turing brown 
           G/D         D 
Muitalated lips give a kiss on the wrist 
       C/D               E 
Of the worm like tips of tenticles expanding in my mind 
    G/D                       D 
I'm fine excepting only fresh brine 
        C/D                 E 
You can get another drop of this yeah you wish 
{repeat Chorus} 
{verse two} 
B*                                  D 
  Laughing lady living lover 
  Ooh you sassy frassy lassie 
  Find me the skull of Haile Sallase, I... 
  Give me shoes so I can tapsy 
D                             B* (arpeggio) 
  Tap all over this big world 
  Take my hand you ugly girl 
{Chorus twice} 
{Chorus twice:end on E arpeggio} 
{chord definitions} 
B*	7 9 9 8 0 0 
D	x x 0 7 7 5 
G/D     x x 0 121210 
C/D     x x 0 5 5 3