Auctioneer chords

Anne Kirkpatrick


Chorus A D Auctioneer, Auctioneer A Bring that hammer down G A Take my family and smash it apart D Well its just a few machines A and a little piece of land G A Bring that hammer down on my heart. A D Well his family's been here A for 70 years or more D his grandad cleared the land E with just an old wood saw D heard him crying late last night A when he thought I wasn't round G A I'm sorry grandad I let you down Chorus A D A G A Well there's acres and acres of wheat in the sun my hearts aching and aching for the work that should be done now the banks stopped the cheques and no one wants the crop and its breaking my heart to watch it rot Chorus A D A G A D A G A After harvest rain and flood and years and years of drought now the interest rates are gonna finally wipe us out they say its not our fault its just the world economy but he blames himself cause were down on our knee's. Chorus X 2 (2ND TIME NO MUSIC EXCEPT FOR SINGLE STRUMS ON LAST LINE)