Rechabite chords



From Who Cares Wins EP u> Intro:
F# G F# G F# G F# E A --4-4-5-----4-4-5----4-4-5----4-4-4-2-2--- E --2-2-3-----2-2-3----2-2-3----2-2-2-0-0---
Verse: F# G F# G Rechabite. Yeah Rechabite F# G F# E Rechabite. Just ride it around B Take it.......
E G E G F# B E G I just fool around with the sound E G I just skate around over town F# B I go up and down
(chorus ends on E chord) Outro: E G Why don't you ride it around? E G You look so dumb in your stupid car. A F# G > Last time play this progression A F# G E G > high up on the fretboard ie. G at 10th fret etc. The lyrics are not complete and are just there for the purpose of the tab. Also, the very last chord progression maybe wrong. Please send a correction if it is. u>