Long Train Ride chords

Ben lee


Simplify chords 

  			The verse has a G chord with a slap, then an Em with a slap (palm mute) and then a C 
the chorus or (she turns away part) is an Em then dsus2 then C, they all have palm mutes 
G           Em               C  
I pass a town without a name 
G                           Em            C 
seen through the window of a train 
G             Em                  C  
a boy and girl stand side by side 
G                     Em                      C           
the train arrives she kisses him goodbye 
Em                          Dsus2 
She turns away then gets on board 
C                                C 
he thought he'd die but now he's sure 
Dsus2                                C 
and as he thinks of one last thing to say 
the train just rolls away 
stays the same for the rest of the song with a little gap after each verse