Eddie Munster chords



(From the EP Busted) Transcribed by Andrew Loch (email-removed) Intro:
e------------- -------3------- B------------- --------------- G-------4/5\4- ---------4/5\4- D-5-5-5-4/5\4- x3 -5-5-5---4/5\4- A-5-5-5-2/3\2- -5-5-5---2/3\2- E-3-3-3------- -3-3-3--------- Riff 1: G--------------12-12- D-5-5-5-----12----12- A-5-5-5--10-------10- E-3-3-3-------------- Riff 2: G-------------10-10- D-3-3-3----10----10- A-3-3-3--8-------8-- E-1-1-1------------- Riff 3: G-5-5-5--------17-17- D-5-5-5-----17----17- A-3-3-3--15-------15- E--------------------
Verse 1 Riff 1 It's a warm spring day Riff 2 Hide my tears away Riff 3 Daddy wants to play G5 Comes into my room 'most every night F5 I bury my face in the pillow tight C5 G5 And picture myself on a bright green sunny day Chorus D5 E5 (7th fret) G5 (10th fret) I wanna be Eddie Munster D5 B5 So I can be just like you Verse 2 Riff 1 On a winter night Riff 2 They had a fight Riff 3 Sis' is out of sight G5 Family fun on a Saturday night F5 A game of charades then an all in fight C5 G5 My Daddy didn't know that he took my cherry away
Munsters riff: G---------2---------------------------- D-----0-2---3-2-0----2-0---0----------- A-0-3--------------------3---3-2-0-2-0- E--------------------------------------