Black And Blue chords



Email: email-removed Black and Blue was a big hit in Australia for Chain in the early 1970s. if you read the ABC site ( it says that .....Chain were the first band, and to date the only band, to go to No.1 with a blues song. .
The main riff | * final trail off -------------------------|---------------|------------------------------------ -------------------------|---------------|-10--------------------------------- -------------------------|---------------|-10--------------------------------- -----5-3---3-------------|-----5-3---3-5-|-10--------------------------------- ---------5---5-3-5-3-----|---------5-----|------------------------------------ -3-3-----------------6-3-|---3-----------|------------------------------------
(just bass drum and chains) verse 1 you work me so hard that my back's near broke (chorus chants "we're groaning" after each line) my brow is wet and my throat's a-choke you send me here for 10 long years I miss my whisky and I miss my beer ain't seen a gal since I don't know when and the way you treat me won't see one again (band comes in - lead and bass guitar play main riff in G) verse 2 you broke my head cos I sat on a guard so don't make me no better you just make me hard your water stinks cos it comes from a bog and that slop you feed us ain't fit for a dog (chorus) C well you can tease me and try to break me D and still I spit at you Eb you'll never break my spirit, even when my D body's black and blue (harp solo - indicates 1 bar of 4 beats) C C G G D Eb D (8 trail offs - ie hit D barre chord slide down and mute) (guitar solo) band plays 2 bars of main riff - then stops) (just bass drum and chains) verse 3 well in my arm there's a dreadful pain it's hard diggin ditches with a ball and chain you send me here for 10 long years I miss my whisky and I miss my beer (band comes in and plays main riff) repeat verse 2 repeat chorus band plays shortened version of main riff 4 times, NB instead of last bar of main riff play 4 final trail offs * (see above) then crescendo and finish