Children On Parade chords

Colin Hay


Verse: Bm G All the girls and boys have gone away Bm G They never really had much to say Bm G They took off all their clothes and their shoes Bm G Politely asked to be excused Chorus: D C#m C C#(strum this once on the change) They're the children on parade D C#m C C# They have secrets that they share D C#m C They're the children on parade G And nobody knows, nobody knows And then back to the verse. Like I said if you listen to the album version its got alot of slides and things on it, not just the basic chords, but they mostly work around the bar chords so start from there. Also he doesn't play the high notes on the song, so stick mainly to the low strings. Or just play the open chords if you'd rather. Comments welcome.