Company Of Strangers chords

Colin Hay


Simplify chords 


F       E               Am      G 
All you seekers of the truth 

F       E                Am      G 
You really wouldn't have a clue 

F       E               Am      G 
Memories of misspent youth 

F              E               Am      A 
The lines are drawn in black and blue 


                         Dsus2 C  C/B 
Soon there'll be a time 

                                   C   C/B  Am    
When the world will lose its mind 

A                        Dsus2 C  C/B 
Many will call your name 

And as the world of wheels go round 

I check into another town and 


     D           Am       Em 
The company of strangers 

    F        C       Em 
Who worship machines 

     F               D 
That steal all their dreams 

       G      D   C 
Its a strange old world 

Same chords throughout. I don't think the bridge is completely right, 
if you have improvements then feel free to comment.