Freedom Calling chords

Colin Hay


Intro: G G D G If you hear a voice call out your name Cadd9 G/B G/A G Say you can stop yourself from falling G D G And if he strikes you in his fear and shame Cadd9 G/B G/A G You can leave him to his ruin G D G If your dreams they wake you in the night Cadd9 G/B G/A G And your heart it is a pounding G D G If you cry out as you wake in your fright Cadd9 G/B G/A G And the wind it is a howling Chorus: Em7 Cadd9 G Maybe its time to find another place Em7 Am D Where nobody even knows your face Em7 Cadd9 G There is no need to be afraid Cadd9 G/B G/A G For its only freedom calling