Storm In My Heart chords

Colin Hay


Intro: D - G There is a little riff which is done on a guitar and a piano (there are 2 guitars at in this song) in the intro, and at other points in the song too, which goes:
e|-3-2-0-2-0---0----------------------------------------------------------| B|-----------3---3-2-3-2-0-2----------------------------------------------| G|---------------------------2-2------------------------------------------| D|------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------------------| Also the little slide thing is used quite a bit throughout the song and in the into: e|-------5-------------| B|---5s7---5s3---------| G|---------------------| D|---------------------| A|---------------------| E|---------------------| Play this before going into the verse: e|----------------------------| B|--------5s7-5-3s5-3---------| G|----------------------------| D|----------------------------| A|----------------------------| E|----------------------------|
Verse: D G Sometimes I wonder Bm C And sometimes I cry D G I still go under Bm C And I don't know why And I got Chrous: G A A Storm in my heart Bm G Tearing me apart G A Storm in my heart D About you And then back into the intro and a few of the riffs in that and back onto the verse and played the same way. This riff is played after the second chorus:
e|--------------------------------------------------------| B|--------------5-7----------------------5-7s10-----15-15-| G|------5s7-7-7------4-2---------5s7-7-7------------------| D|--------------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------|
Thats pretty much it. There may be a few more slides dotted around, but they all keep the same strings/frets as the ones I've shown, so shouldn't be too hard to work them out. welcome.