Water Song chords

Colin Hay


Simplify chords 

  			Standard tuning 

Intro: C - D - G (slide from the C to D throughout the song) 

C           D            G 
This boy and girl were lovers 

C           D            G 
They came from different towns 

C           D            G 
Now they both live in the same one 

C            D          G 
They see each other around 

C           D            G 
He saw her at the Rosebowl  

C           D            G 
just the other day 

C            D            G 
she showed him what she bought there 

C           D            G            G-Gsus2-G/B  
And they struggled for what to say 


C    C/B              Am              G      G-Gsus2-G/B     
      They say we're made mostly of water 

C    C/B           Am               G      G-Gsus2-G/B    
      So how come we can't find the sea 

C    C/B              Am              G          G-Gsus2-G/B    
      They say true love creeps up on you slowly 

C    C/B              Am              G         
      Oh how blind some people can be