Who Can It Be Now chords

Colin Hay


Intro: The riff has 2 minor variatons
e|---------------------------------------------------| B|--------2------------------2-----------------------| G|------0---0--------------0---0---------------------| D|----4-------4----------4-------4-------------------| A|--2------------------0-----------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------|
Verse: D C Who can this be knocking at my door Bm A Go away, don't come round here no more D C Can't you see that its late at night Bm A I'm very tired, and I'm not feeling right D C All I wish was to be alone Bm A stay away, don't you invade my home D C Best off if you hang outside Bm A Don't come in, I'll only run and hide (The A is played quickley on the end of the line) Chorus: Bm Who can it be now Asus4 A Who can it be now Bm Who can it be now Asus4 A Who can it be now Bridge: Em Is this the man come to take me away A Why do they follow me Em Its not the future, that I can see A Its just my fantasy The aaaaahhhhhh part uses A and C chords. Comments welcome.