Wintersong chords

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Australia WINTERSONG COUNTRY RADIO ?1972 Greg Quill/Kerryn Tolhurst G G C C North wind roll - ing down my friends are leav - ing town Am Am G G I know they're wait - ing just for me G G C C One more sum - mer gone and one more win - ter - song Am Am G G And one more time I tried to leave
Am C G Em Maybe it's the lone-some way you turn your head and smile Am C G G Each time the snow be-gins to fall Am C G Em May-be it's the fact that you're a- round me all the time Am C G G That keeps me go - ing through it all
If I could make you see I'm not the man you need I just don't make the staying kind Then like the snowbird flies we go, my songs and I Instead of staying one more time