Gonna Leave A Mark chords



Here's a tab of "Gonna Leave a Mark" from Crow. The guitar player is playing in drop D. I was intrigued by that cool intro riff so I decided to figure out how to play the song. This is not a full tab,consider it like a clue to learn how to play the rest. I think it's a great song to jam on anyway, so have fun! Intro riff: E|-----------------| B|---6---6---6---6-| G|---5---5---5---5-| D|-----------------| A|3h5-----3h5------| D|-----0-------00--| Note: If you play with a pick, like me, you'll still have to pick G and B strings with fingers (middle and ring) and play the rest with your pick Verse A: (play softer) E|------------------| B|---6----6---6---6-| G|---5----5---5---5-| D|------------------| A|3h5------3h5------| D|-----0--------0---| Verse B: E|---------------| B|---------------| G|---------------| D|------5--------| A|5-5--(5)3--0-3-| D|5-5--x--3--0-3-| Bridge: E|--------------| B|--------------| G|--------------| D|--------------| A|7-7-7-7-------| D|7-7-7-7-------| Solo Bridge: E|--------------------| B|---6---6--6---6---6-| G|---5---5--5---5---5-| D|--------------------| A|3h5--------3h5------| D|-----00---------00--| I recommand using the VLC player eq / spacializer option to turn off the brass, so you have more room to improvise !