Leisuremaster chords



TRANSCRIBED BY DAVID, email-removed This song was once dedicated to a meat pie. It's a great little crooner that has a nice country riff. Its played with two guitars but I will transcribe it for one, minus the pedal steel guitar. INTRO E-----4-----3-----2-----0 B------------------------ G--4-----3-----2----1---- D------------------------ A------------------------ E------------------------ COUNTRY RIFF E-------------------------------------------- B------------------3-----3------------------- G--(slide)/4---/4----/4-----0--2--0---------- D------------------------------------2------- A-------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------3--O- "don't get my naming wrong, if you're gonna touch me there..." (play simple open E chord through this verse, then change to a C#m, letting the high notes ring, then to an A) FILL IN RIFF A---0---2---0--------- E---------------3---0- CHORUS *strum backwards* E-22222--4---7---6---4--*--7-6--4---0000000--0 B-44444--5---5---5------*-----------2222222--0 G-44444--6---6---6------*--------------------1 D-44444-----------------*--------------------2 A-22222-----------------*--------------------2 E-----------------------*--------------------0 The chorus bit is probably wrong but it sounds okay. Fiddle around with the chords to get the country feel and then you're laughing.