Music Is Crap chords



Transcribed by: Shady Moyle (email-removed) "Music is Crap" by the great Custaro (Custard) Verse chords C G F C Interlude Bit F Ohhh....... Chorus C F 1st Guitar Repeat that a few times Then this G F "When you're a believer that's whats religions for" Back to the Chorus again for a bit. Verse again Then... F F F F F F F F "Rock, Pop, metal shop, They just berate it" Then... C F* (like a mini chorus bit) F F F F F F F F (again) Then G F "They dig the silence, Hate the Sound" Repeat couple of times. Then the solo SOLO E 8 B 8 6 5 G 5 5 7 4 7 5 5 8 8 5 D A E Repeat End of Solo E 8 8 B G 8 9 8 9 D A E If you listen to the song while looking at this you'll know what I am getting at. Then its just the chorus a couple of times and then your finished. By Shady Moyle If anyone wants more tab email: email-removed