Nice Bird chords



Tabbed by david, email-removed Unauthorised custard page: >From the new album, "We Have The Technology" Intro: E------------------------------- B----------------------(3)(3)--- G------------------^3-3-3-^3--0- D----------0-0-0-2-------------- A--2-2-2-3---------------------- E------------------------------- Main Chord Progression: G, B, A# E------------------------------------ B------------------------------------ G--7-7-7-7-/11-11-11-11-10-10-10-10-- D--5-5-5-5-/9--9--9--9--8--8--8--8--- A------------------------------------ E------------------------------------ E--3-3-3-/7-7-6-6-6-6- B--3-3-3-/7-7-6-6-6-6- G--4-4-4-/8-8-7-7-7-7- D--5-5-5-/9-9-8-8-8-8- A--5-5-5-/9-9-8-8-8-8- E--3-3-3-/7-7-6-6-6-6- then the bass goes: D---------------------------------- A---------------------------------- E--5-5-5-4-4-4-3-3-3-/12-12-12-12-- The change: "I understand that a bird in my hand is worth two in the bu-o-u-o-ush" is E and A That is followed by C, then C, B, C, B, C, B The 2nd time it is C, B, A#, A, G# then back to the main progression The little solo is something like: E----------------------------------------------------------- B---------------12--12--12--12--11--11--11---15------------- G--12-12-12-12-(12)(12)(12)(12)(12)(12)(12)--17(bent to 19)- D----------------------------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------------- the extra riff bit is: E--3-3---------3-- B--3-3---------3-- G--4-4-3-/4-\3-4-- D--5-5-3-/4-\3-3-- A--5-5-1-/2-\1-3-- E--3-3---------1-- Then its back to the "ive got a nice bird..."but don't play the chords, just hit the notes on the E string: E--3-3-3-3-/7-7-7-7-6-6-6-6-- the break is: "there's a strench of road across the gap, where they're taking some snaps..." D, G, C, F, A# then its back to the extra riff bit which ends on E, instead of ending on F... Then you do what you want with as much feedback as possible...pick scrape, whammy bar, harmonics, whatever... The last bit is: G (played as open chord) B, A# over and over... but it changes to G, C, B, A#, A, G every third time... the final riff is like this but you can play it higher if you think it sounds better: "N-I-C-E-B-I-R-D BIRD!" E--------------------- B--------------------- G----------------1-2-- D----------0-2-4------ A----0-2-3------------ E--3------------------