The Synthesizer is Rapidly...... chords



Tabbed by david email-removed As Richard Kingsmill so eloquently put it, this song has a title longer than the song itself...sung and partly penned by Matt Strong... E------------- -------------- B------------- -------------- G--7-7-----7-7 repeat -------------- repeat D--5-5-5-6---5 -------------- A------------- ---7-7-----7-7 E------------- ---5-5-5-6---5 The idea with that riff is to hold the shape of the chord and use yr index finger to do the trill is possible that you could extend the chord if you wish... As you can see the riff changes key, from G to A...over the top of all this is Lyle Workman's guitar workout which is all improvisation... Chorus E------------------------------ B------------------------------ G--7-7-6-11-11-6/7-7-7-7-6-6-3- D--7-7-6-11-11-6/7-7-7-7-6-6-4- A--5-5-4-9--9--4/5-5-5-5-4-4-4- E----------------------------2- The bit before the solo is just 4 chords....A..F#..B..E then it is back to the chorus (with a Kiss inspired alternative to the lyric)... the last bit, "i love my guitar, speakers, amp" is just D, high F#, and D flat, repeated a couple of times...