I'm Going To Execute Yr Ex-Boyfriend chords

Dave McCormack

Ok this is gonna b 100 % correct as this is what Andrew Landcaster plays on the "Save Dave DVD" Well the main part anyway . . . just play this over and listen to the song, you'll see what i'm getting at. this part is mainly played by cameron bruce on keyboartds but this is how you play it on guitar e-6-4-6-6-4-| b-6-4-6-6-4-| g-8-6-8-8-6-| d-8-6-8-8-6-| a-6-4-6-6-4-| E-----------| sorry this is my first tab (i've been playing guitar for 4 months) sorry about the album name. the album isn't out yet and so far does not have a title if i have time i just might tab the rest of the song www.davidmccormack.com.au