Woman In A War chords

Fred Smith


Bm I was working up in Kabul In the last years of the war A Bm Khasi had decide he didn’t love us any more Bm The town was full of checkpoints and Security companies A Bm And everyone with money had an exit strategy Bm She came in in December to work the state A Bm She was on a second posting across form Kuwait Bm I met her at a briefing down at I SEF H Q A Bm Some Colonel was pretending that he knew what to do Bm There’s nothing quite as sexy as a woman in a war A Bm A delicate reminder of what we’re fighting for Bm She said the word ‘kenetic’ like she’d seen it for real A Bm She was her daddies daughter with her daddies ideals But she said: Em Bm “ Pay no heed to what they say A Bm Notice only what they do…...” Bm There’s nothing quite as horny as a woman in a war A Bm The sugared instant coffee the adrenalin and more Bm There’s nothing like the hunger for some softness in the night A Bm When you wake up every morning with a war to fight Still she’d say: Refrain Bm A couple of months later in a dutton covered bar A Bm We’d been on a trip together with the General in Mazah Bm We got talking about the problems of the ANSF A Bm It was getting late and the others all had left Bm I came a little closer two of us were left A Bm We could die tomorrow tonight ..I need you for my bed Bm Back in my hooch I got a bottle of Jack A Bm My dick was claiming victory like Bush in Iraq And she said: Bm “I’ve enjoyed our conversation and your offer is bold A Bm Your loquacious admiration of the problems you can’t solve Bm But these are not your problems this is not your war A Bm You only really come here because you were bored Bm “So go back to your family and your ordinary lives A Bm Your ordinary children and your ordinary wife Bm I’m not your mother your virgin or whore A Bm Simply a survivor of a woman in a war” Bm, Em, A, Bm, Bm, Em, E7 Bm I was workin up in Kabul in the last year of the war