Waking Up chords



INTRO: riff 1 e|----------------------------------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------------------------------| G|---9----------------7-------------------------------------------| D|--7-7-10-9-9------9---7-10-9-10-9-10-9-10-9-10-9----------------| A|-------------10-9-----------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------------| INTRO / VERSE: A5 C5 G5 F#5 A5 C5 G5 CHORUS: D5* D/A E x3 (oh oh oh oh bits) D5* B5 G5 (palm mute tail of it...) VERSE CHORUS VERSE CHORUS OUTRO: Play octaves up high over outro chorus - D5* D/A E F# G A END. * CHORD EXPLANATION: The D5* chord has the root note slide up from a C# to the D. The D/A is a D power chord with the first finger off, leaving the open A string. D5* D/A e|------|-------| B|------|-------| G|---7--|--7----| D|---7--|--7----| A|-4/5--|--0----| E|------|-------| This song is on "Grow Your Own #8" compilation, "BuyIndieMusic.com vol 1" compilation, and "DAMAGE: music to skate to" compilation.