It's Hard To Love A Drunk chords



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  			A                        C#m 
you just walked away 
G                    D      A    E 
left me on display and now 
A                     C#m 
Im hearing 70 plays 
if you could read my mind 
            D               A             E 
almost three times a day it's crazy 
D                           A                     G        
and if there's just one thing I can remember that you said 
         D   C   G              D    
it's hard       to love a drunk 
A                               G       D 
I've got nothing to smile about 
D         A                          E 
cause it was supposed to rain 
                   E             G 
and we're desending 
G                    E           G 
and I forgot that Im in love  
or am I not 

tab written by Christian Schlachter ([email protected])