That?s The Thing About Football chords

Greg Champion


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Daniel Jones 
Greg Champion 
That?s The Thing About Football 
This is the best song to play at a mates house with a fridge full of cans at the halftime of  
Friday Night Footy 
(E) I've got my scarf, got my (C#m) old coat 
(A) I've got a footy (B) game to go to 
(E) Footy's on footy's (C#m) here again 
(A) Back to greet me (B) like an old friend, and 
(E) That?s the thing about 
(C#m) That?s what I like about 
(A) That?s the thing about 
(B) The thing about football 
(E) I?ll meet a friend out(C#m)side the ground 
(A) We?ll argue over (B) who?s gonna win 
(E) He?ll go for his team (C#m) I for mine 
(A) We?ll watch ?em slug it out, (B) right to the end, and 
(A) Show me the crowd and I?ll (B7) take my place 
(C#m) I?m hungry, (A) I?m hungry for (B7) the taste of it, and 
(E) I got a long road to (C#m) walk down 
(A) To catch a tram to my (B) favourite ground 
(E) Use my legs, (C#m) used my voice 
(A) Make some noise (B) support the boys, and 
(A)That's what foot(B7)ball means to me 
(C#m) That's how I like my (A) footy to (B7) be, and 
When the song reaches a higher pitch in the last part just take it up 2 frets when he sings   
?That?s how I like my footy to be, and? 


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