Boom Sha La La chords

Hans Poulsen


G C D dreamy little country there's a sleepy Sunday school where the C D C D School mam Annabel- la teaches dreary golden rules but the G C D Children are all waiting to hear the church bells ring they C D C Had their own re - li - gion & all they had to do was sing it to the world. Refrain (twice): G C G C Boom - sha - la - la - la they will sing to you G C Dsus4 Boom - sha - la - la - la la - la - la - la - la la la la Verse 2: I sing this song of love to you so war might pass behind And guns and planes and army trains left rusting in their lines And all the world is waiting, for this very special day When all the children will join hands and gladly show the way, singing Mid 8: G C D G Dumphie dumphie all day throw your cannons a - way G C Dsus4 Dumphie dumphie all day all day Transcribed by Grimy Solutions