Up Among The Heather chords

Irish Rovers


B            E              B            D 
Up among the heather at the hill a' Benachee 
A              D        A             B 
Sitting with a wee girl rolling on my knee 
  B         E        B              D 
A bumblebee stung me well above the knee 
B                           E             
Up among the heather at the hill a' Benachee 

Verses (same as Chorus): 

One day I went walking in the merry month of May 
I met a little country girl and this they heard me say 
Let me walk along with you and hold you by the hand 
Maybe I can help you fill your wee tin can 

Well we walked along for quite awhile and we came by the stream 
Then she says come here me boy and show me what you mean 
Come on and keep your bargain I'll help you if I can 
The two of us will start to fill me wee tin can 

We sat down together close by the stream 
Then I says come here me girl I'll show what I mean 
I hugged her and I kissed her like an Irish man 
It didn't take me long to fill her wee tin can 

So girls when you're courting take my advice 
Never let an Irish man kiss you more than twice 
All the time he's cuddling you he's thinking up a plan 
To get a wee-be rattle at your ould tin can